Weekly Monday classes take place at Melanchthon Akademie in Sachsenring 6 at 18h +++ Every 2nd Wed. Live After Work Classes at Nachbarschaftshaus Ansgarstr.5 Neuehrenfeld alternating with Online Zoom Business English. Both start at 19.30h.+++Newcomers welcome! Summer Break in July +++ Find out more About Us under activities and conversation at https://www.deutsch-britisch.de/+++
Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft Cologne

 The German-British Society (Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft, DBG) was founded in 1977. At the beginning it was part of the British Council which, at that time, had its headquarters in Cologne. Following the British Council's move to Berlin, the DBG re-organised and redefined its mission.  The goal of the Deutsch-British Gesellschaft e.V. is to encourage people in Cologne to become involved in all aspects of English language and culture with linguistic activities forming the main emphasis.  We offer a number of evening conversation-courses both in Neu-Ehrenfeld and in the Südstadt.  The leaders of the conversation sessions are either native speakers or people who have spent many years in an English-speaking country.

Tower Bridge

Alongside the conversation-courses there a number of events which enable members to meet up.  These include the film-club, gatherings in bars and "Midday at the Museum".  Events organised at shorter notice will often be posted on this site.  These include visits to Lit-Cologne, whisky-tasting and other local events.  Trips and visits are also organised by the DBG with recent destinations being Edinburgh, Dresden, Brussels (with a visit to the EU buildings) and Halle/Saale for the Händel-Festival. And we should also not forget the day-trips to the then European Capital of Culture, Essen, to Nijmegen and to Maastricht.

And, of course, we are always open for new ideas for trips and activities.