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information about the DBG and its activities (and official correspondence) please contact our administrator ...

Frau Bison, Lechenicher Weg 6, 50354 Hürth

or send us an Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or Tel: 03212-1131902  (Voicemail: we will call you back)


It is possible to attend the conversation-courses once or twice to "get a taste" of the club before actually joining.  Membership costs 50 € per calendar year.

The membership form available here to download.

If the form doesn't open, please look in your "Download" folder:  You will probably find it there!

Membership forms can also be obtained at any of the conversation sessions. Please fill out the form and send it off to the address given on the form.


Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft
Alan Searle
Lohrbergstr. 2
50939 Köln

Vorstand (gem. § 26 BGB):

Romie Murkens-Singh

Marita Schlüter

Stephan Pfeiffer

Erweiterter Vorstand:
Doris Becker
Alan Searle
Jochen Paeslak

Geschäftsführung (gemäß § 30 BGB):
Romie Murkens-Singh

Amtsgericht Köln  VR 7446

Verantwortlich im Sinne des § 55 Abs. 2 RStV
Romie Murkens-Singh

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Data Security: An absolute minimum of data is held on members and on contacts. This data is used exclusively for club-internal purposes and is not passed on to any other other people, bodies or organisations (except to the Sparkasse KölnBonn for the purpose of collecting fees). If you would like to receive a full listing of the data we hold on you, please submit a request to one of the emails above. On request your details can be removed from our records

Datensicherheit: Nur das Minimum an Daten (über Mitglieder und Kontakte) werden erfasst. Angaben werden ausschließlich für Vereinsinterne Zwecke verwendet und werden nicht an externe Personen oder Organisationen weiter gegeben (außer an die Sparkasse KölnBonn nur für die Erhebung von dem Mitgliederbeitrag). Um eine Auflistung der Daten, die wir über Sie erfasst haben, zu erhalten, bitte mit uns Kontakt aufnehmen. Auf Anfrage können wir Ihre Daten von unserem Verteiler und unseren Akten löschen.

The Committee

The Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft is managed by an voluntary committee which meets several times a year to plan activities.  It also schedules the Annual General Meeting and organises a Christmas celebration (normally a meal in a traditional Cologne restaurant).